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GoPro with Linux


GoPro Tool for Linux OS

Available commands:

- gopro timelapse [fps] [outfilename] [res width] [res height]
    >>Makes a timelapse with pictures in the current folder, make sure to cd to a DCIM/XXXGOPRO folder!
    >>Example: gopro timelapse 30 goproTL.mp4 1920 1080

- gopro superview
    >>Applies SuperView to all GoPro videos in the current dir

- gopro fisheye
    >>Fixes barrel distorsion to all GoPro pictures in the current folder

- gopro fisheye_video [video]
    >>Fixes barrel distorsion on GoPro videos, [video] is optional, remove to apply to all mp4 videos in current dir
    >>Also needs camera name input

- gopro convert
    >>Converts all GoPro MP4 videos to MPEG4 MOV videos for easy editing

- gopro slowmo [video]
    >>Reduces the speed in a High FPS GoPro Video
    >>Example: gopro slowmo GOPRO0553.MP4

- gopro trim [input video] [output video] [HH:MM:SS start] [HH:MM:SS stop]
    >>Trims a video, use this to trim a slow motion video!
    >>Example: gopro trim GOPR0553.MP4 Trimmed.mp4 00:05:04 00:07:43

- gopro stabilize
    >>Stabilizes video
    >>Example: gopro GOPRO0005.MP4 Stabilized.MP4

- gopro sort
    >>Sorts media, please execute in DCIM/XXXGOPRO!

- gopro wifiinfo
    >>Sets Wifi SSID and Password for HERO5, 6 cameras

- gopro gif
    >>Makes gif from images in current dir
    >>Example: gopro gif 800x600 animation.gif

- gopro proxy [option]
    >>[rename] = renames .LRV to lowres/*.MP4
    >>[move] = when finish editing, moves highres/*.MP4 to lowres/

- gopro update
    >>Updates this script.


sudo apt update && sudo apt install -y ffmpeg mencoder


cd ~/sources/GITHUB/
mkdir -p KonradIT
cd KonradIT/

git clone
cd gopro-linux/

# Install script

# Test script installation


gopro merge merged.mp4
gopro stabilize merged.mp4 merged-stabilized.mp4

gopro stabilize >>Stabilizes video >>Example: gopro GOPRO0005.MP4 Stabilized.MP4