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Improve CTRL+r under bash

Easily view, navigate and search your command history with shell history suggest box for Bash.

Installation from sources

Prerequisites (Note: prerequisites are missing on original documentation)

sudo apt update &&
sudo apt upgrade -y &&
sudo apt install build-essential -y &&
sudo apt install autotools-dev automake autoconf -y &&
sudo apt install libncursesw5-dev libreadline-dev -y

Go to a folder where you manage you installations

[[ -d ~/install ]] || mkdir ~/install
cd ~/install

Then clone repository (Warn: git history will be destroy by installation process, it is not possible to use git pull to upgrade content, you should delete repository and clone again.)

git clone

Move to project folder: (Note: cd command is missing on original documentation)

cd hstr/

Create build files using:

# OLD versions: cd ./dist && ./ && cd ..
cd ./build/tarball && ./ && cd ../..

Install using: (Note: sudo command is missing on original documentation)

./configure && make && sudo make install