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Connect to Android phone using local network

On Mint 19.2 kdeconnect-indicator is enough, I don’t see any added value in indicator-kdeconnect.


Installation is pretty simple:

sudo apt install -y kdeconnect kpeople-vcard

Using kdeconnect-indicator (embeded)

kdeconnect come with it own applet, but in some case you will be not able to see icon on system tray. This could be solve using:

QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME=kde kdeconnect-indicator

Another option is to restore all desktop settings: Reset Cinnamon settings.

Using indicator-kdeconnect (optionnal)

You need to add PPA

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/indicator-kdeconnect &&
sudo apt update &&
sudo apt install -y indicator-kdeconnect

On Mint for full desktop integration ensure to have

sudo apt install  python-nemo


KDE Connection Indicator Settings


Launch KDE Connection Indicator at startup

To be able to see icon on panel you need to launch KDE Connection Indicator after login.

You can use Startup Applications for menu to handle this.

Add custom command with following values:

Property Value
Name KDE Connect Indicator
Command indicator-kdeconnect
Comment An awesome system for Desktop-Phone continuity.
Startup delay 5 seconds

Removing everything

sudo apt purge -y indicator-kdeconnect &&
sudo add-apt-repository --remove ppa:webupd8team/indicator-kdeconnect &&
sudo apt update

Probably you need also

sudo apt autoremove

Fix missing icon

Not sure this work.

  • Download the indicator-kdeconnect package.
  • Unzip the package.
  • Access the indicator-kdeconnect-master/data/icons/ folder.
  • Copy all folders to /usr/share/icons
  • Restart your computer.

Should be something like:

cd ~/Downloads/
wget ''
cd indicator-kdeconnect-master/data/icons

# Copy icons
for D in $(ls -d *) ; do echo $D ; sudo cp -rv $D /usr/share/icons/ ; done
# Fix user access
sudo chown -R root:root /usr/share/icons/

cd ~/Downloads/
rm -fr indicator-kdeconnect-master/

Then reboot

Install from sources

mkdir -p ${HOME}/xsources/GITHUB/Bajoja
cd       ${HOME}/xsources/GITHUB/Bajoja &&
git clone &&
cd indicator-kdeconnect


sudo apt install -y libgtk-3-dev &&
sudo apt install -y libappindicator3-dev &&
sudo apt install -y cmake &&
sudo apt install -y valac &&
sudo apt install -y python3-requests-oauthlib

This depend on you distribution (here assuming Mint 19* with Nemo**)

# sudo apt install python-nautilus # (if you use Nautilus)
sudo apt install python-nemo  # (if you use Nemo)
# sudo apt install python-caja  # (if you use Caja)


mkdir build
cd build


sudo make install


sudo make uninstall

indicator-kdeconnect vs kdeconnect-indicator

Well this is not clear to me !

What you want to use is indicator-kdeconnect but in Mint 19 menu both application are present with same name KDE Connect Indicator

The one you just install is under Administration menu (the other one under Internet menu)

To investigate

External documentations