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NetData was a nice tool, easy to install, easy to configure and was a moderate resource consumer. This is not true any more.

Monitoring using netdata

This probably useless for your laptop !

netdata is a scalable, distributed, real-time, performance and health monitoring solution for Linux, FreeBSD and MacOS. It is open-source too.



# install all the packages needed to build and run netdata
curl -Ss '' >/tmp/

sudo bash /tmp/ -i netdata

press ENTER or Y as instructed

There is other options can be check using:

sudo bash /tmp/ --help

Launch installation

# download netdata
cd /usr/src
sudo git clone --depth=1

cd netdata
sudo ./


Main informations

netdata by default listens on all IPs on port 19999, so you can access it with: http://this.machine.ip:19999/

To stop netdata run:

  systemctl stop netdata

To start netdata run:

  systemctl start netdata

Uninstall script: ./ Update script : ./

Configuration file is location: /etc/netdata/netdata.conf


  • netdata user : netdata
  • netdata group : netdata
  • web files user : netdata
  • web files group : netdata
  • root user : root


  • netdata conf dir : /etc/netdata
  • netdata log dir : /var/log/netdata
  • netdata run dir : /var/run
  • netdata lib dir : /var/lib/netdata
  • netdata web dir : /usr/share/netdata/web
  • netdata cache dir: /var/cache/netdata


  • logrotate file : /etc/logrotate.d/netdata