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Networking and Internet Commands

Commons tools

  • ifconfig: To check the status of the wireless connection you are using (to see if wlan0 has acquired an IP address).
  • iwconfig: To check which network the wireless adapter is using.
  • iwlist wlan0 scan: Prints a list of the currently available wireless networks.
  • iwlist wlan0 scan | grep ESSID: Use grep along with the name of a field to list only the fields you need (for example to just list the ESSIDs).
  • ping: Tests connectivity between two devices connected on a network. For example, ping will send a packet to the device at IP and wait for a response. It also works with website addresses.
  • wget Downloads the file example.txt from the web and saves it to the current directory.

  • nmap: Scans your network and lists connected devices, port number, protocol, state (open or closed) operating system, MAC addresses, and other information.

Network scanning

CLI tools

  • netdiscover - Active/passive ARP reconnaissance command line tool.
  • nmap -
  • arp-scan - Display hosts on local network using ARP packets.
  • nbtscan - Explore Windows network, scanning networks using NetBIOS protocol.

GUI tools